What is an automatic car cover? Automatic car clothing cover

With the rapid development of the social economy, automatic cars can be seen everywhere in daily life. I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar with the automatic car clothing cover, the technical level of the craft and the improvement of people’s aesthetic sense, the automatic car clothing cover in the style design, material There are differences in the choices, specifications and other aspects, so that the price of the automatic car cover is very different, so what is the price of the automatic car cover? What is an automatic car cover? Here is the introduction of the automatic car cover and price, so let’s take a look. The automatic car cover is a car clothing product, as the name suggests, can automatically retract the car. The automatic car clothing is upgraded and upgraded on the basis of the traditional car clothing, incorporating high-tech factors, not only retains the car maintenance function of the traditional car clothing, but also improves its cumbersome operation mode. The one-touch remote control greatly reduces the labor of the cover and improves the convenience of life. The automatic car cover can help the car parked outdoors to withstand ultraviolet radiation, direct sunlight, acid rain, bird droppings, sand, and claws. Anti-dirty, anti-ash, waterproof, rain, snow, resistance to UV damage to the paint  interior. A certain degree of heat insulation, to prevent the temperature inside the car is too high in summer. Avoid pedestrians or children scratching your car.

Automatic car cover – features

Traditional clothing is particularly troublesome to use. It must be two or three people to retract, and after a few times, people don’t like to collect it, and there are scratches on the car body for a long time. The automatic car clothing cover equipment is improved on the basis of the traditional car clothing, which not only retains the advantages of the traditional car clothing, but also perfects its insufficiency, and realizes a single-faced car clothing and a one-button automatic retractable car clothing. Intelligent remote control: The automatic car clothing cover adopts button-type remote control, and the single person can complete the operation, bidding farewell to the cumbersome cover clothing method of many people; Convenient and fast: automatic car clothing cover, as the name suggests, is that it can automatically retract the car as waterproof car covers , which improves the speed of the cover, saving valuable time. C maintenance car: effectively avoid the damage caused by the external environment conditions such as rain, snow, sand and dust on the car surface; Security anti-theft: After the anti-theft system of the automatic car cover is opened, once someone touches the vehicle, the car will automatically sound the alarm, effectively avoiding theft of the items in the car and ensuring the safety of the vehicle.  Environmentally friendly fashion: automatic car clothing car cover using green production technology, is leading a new fashion trend, cover clothing can also adopt an environmentally friendly and elegant way.

Automatic car cover – price

Brand: Automatic car clothing cover is an emerging product. At present, there are some brands on the market that are difficult to guarantee, and lack of after-sales service guarantee. It is very important to choose a free-space brand with better after-sales. The more common automatic car clothing on the market. The price of the cover is generally between 450-800 yuan. Material: Many automatic car clothing covers on the market now use “PVC” material. According to the material difference of the automatic car cover, the price of the automatic car cover is very different.

Size: choose the car cover for the car, the car cover should be customized as much as possible, the car is customized, the size is perfectly matched with the original car, only the right is the best, according to the difference in car size, make the car The size of the car cover is also different, which affects the price of the automatic car cover to a certain extent. The contents of the above terms are all from the network, all of which are based on the original author’s point of view and are for reference only. They do not represent the position of Dingdong. Thank you for your support to Dingdong. I wish you a happy shopping!

Which car brand is better? What kind of material is good for the car cover?

Most of the cars are now parked in the open air. Wind and rain, snow frost and car paint can easily lead to aging. Therefore, it is very important to buy a high-quality car clothing for your car. Then, what should we pay attention to when we purchase the car? The following reporter will give you a brief introduction.

Interpretation: Which brand of clothing is good?

The reporter learned in the interview that some car owners doubted that the car clothes are useful? Some car owners want to buy a car, but they don’t know which brand is good. For this reason, the reporter specially interviewed the car decoration master Wang Lei. It is understood that Master Wang often helps car owners choose auto supplies online. Car decoration Wang Lei master told reporters that as the sales of car clothing is getting hotter and hotter, there are many brands of car clothing. Many merchants will cut corners on the material of car clothing in order to make profits, and such a car can not only give us The car will protect us, but it will destroy our car paint. The clothes produced by small workshops are often low-grade materials, rough workmanship, and even damage to paintwork. Car modification Wang Lei introduced that the current car clothing is in the initial stage of development, there is no real big brand. Some car clothing sales companies, exaggerating publicity, boasting their own car clothing brand, is actually not reliable. For example, some car clothing brands, propaganda said to be “PVC” material car clothes, in fact, is a layer of plastic, and some even have no rear view mirror cover. This kind of car is worn on the car body, loose and sturdy. When the wind is blowing, the car is slap on the car body, which is very likely to cause scratches on the car paint.

Analysis: Which kind of material is good?

The car decoration Wang Lei master said that the most important thing to buy a car suit is to look at the material and workmanship of the car, the quality of the car material should be anti-dirty, acid-proof and flameproof. Below, Master Wang introduced several reliable quality car cover materials.

Material 1, single coating material:

This kind of clothing has good dustproof and sunscreen effect, but it is not rainproof and scratch resistant. It can only be used on one side. Moreover, the single-coated car is only silver, and the silver has a good effect on the anti-UV . The single-coated material is lighter, generally about 1 kg. The service life is about 2 years.

Material 2, nano-flame retardant material:

This material of the car is made of 560w nano-cloth as the raw material. According to the company’s implementation standards, it has three times of shrinking water, waterproofing and breathable film, silver-coated two anti-ultraviolet radiation, dry rubbing twice. Wet rubbing treatment three times, 90-stage water-repellent test to make the hydrostatic pressure reach 800m/m—1000m/m, flame retardant 0(s)>90mm, plus nine processes such as anti-fouling and anti-oil agent, the weight of the car is generally About 2 kg, the service life is 4-5 years.

Material 3, PEVA material:

It is made of PE and EVA. It has good softness and a little elasticity. PEVA material has the advantages of high performance, such as non-toxic, good elasticity, light weight, warm and breathable, windproof, waterproof, anti-grease and so on.

Material 4, PU material clothing:

This material has excellent wear resistance, cold resistance, breathability and aging resistance. However, the price of this material is expensive, so domestic manufacturers will choose to use PEVA material instead.

Material 5, PVC material:

This material has good dustproof and rainproof effect, but it is not sunscreen or scratch resistant. Moreover, the PVC material is heavier, generally about 3-4 kg. The service life is about 2 years.

Material 6, breathable material clothing:

This kind of material is popular in Europe and America, and less used in China. It is fully functional, long-lived and not old. It is breathable, waterproof, dustproof, scratch resistant, UV resistant, and antibacterial. In addition, a qualified car clothing should be produced by a professional manufacturer for a car tailoring process, and the car clothing material is deeply treated, such as: water pressure treatment, dry and wet friction test, The waterproof and breathable membrane makes the car cover cover in the body with good air permeability, silver coating number, anti-fouling, anti-oil agent, etc. The ten-step process is processed according to national standards and used for double-thread stitching for double-sided use. Qualified products will generally provide quality assurance for the products, and are professional OEM manufacturers of automobile clothing.

Car Covers – The Greatest Invention

Car covers are an amazing invention as they can and will protect your car from virtually anything. I say virtually because no they won’t act as a bomb shelter, but they act as the weather-shelter instead. Any weather condition – you name it- and they’ll save the car from it. It’s a good thing too since cars get totally wrecked from the various weather conditions in a multitude of ways. The sun’s powerful ultra-violet rays can prove to be detrimental to both the interior and exterior of cars. The internal workings of a car can get ruined when left in the heat, and the car will get extremely stuffy and unbearable to drive. On the outside, the paint-work and finish of the car gets bleached in the sun’s rays, and gives it a very faded, and old look, well before it’s time. Rain is neither too good for a car. The water-marks left over the exterior are not to be desired and will take endless cleaning to remove. The acid found in the rain will also cause the paint-work to disintegrate and peel, leaving the exterior looking rather patchy. A build up of rain can also cause the body work to begin to rust and rot. When it snows, the car is effected pretty much in the same way as from the rain, only worse. Snow will make the car freeze over. This is a total pain-in-the-neck, as well as a big hazard. Frozen brakes do not work properly, and can be extremely dangerous, even fatal.

Other winter weather conditions include wind, which can harm a car too. When a wind-storm starts, anything that is left lying in the streets get whipped up, and blown along. This includes all the rubble and rubbish like stones, and sticks. As these fly about in the wind, they scrape and scratch cars, even sometimes denting them. That’s not the only thing that creates marks on cars. Birds muck, tree sap, dust, they are all natural nuisances that leave almost permanent visiting cards. They leave marks that make the exterior look unsightly, and then are near impossible to remove. It takes hours upon hours to fully remove these stains. However with a car cover, none of the above will be able to penetrate and wreck the car. The cover will shield the car from any type of disaster that may occur. It will leave the car remaining spotlessly clean and sleek, and will not even need dusting over. The cover will save hundreds of dollars otherwise spent on cleaning products and materials, as well as the odd professional clean and re-wax. It is like having a portable garage as the covers fold up so compact they can be taken around with you wherever you go. This way, your car will never be left to nature’s peril.